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Pan brioche
We are on the verge of the end of the world and a high placed and seasoned European leader only thinks of proposing to the people that they be cold so that the U.S. industrial-military complex sells its weapons in the heat of the Ukrainian conflict,


Roberto Hernández Montoya / Fuser News

“Let them eat brioches!” They say that Queen Marie Antoinette of France said that when the peasants grieved for the lack of bread, on the eve of the great Revolution.

There is only one thing worse than evil: one that is also incompetent.

The current world right wing is the current world entropy. Everything it touches degrades.

Josep Borrell enjoys making himself hated. In his speech as Chancellor of the European Parliament, he said with his usual effrontery that people must be cold to contribute to the defeat of Russia. So Europe can do without Russian gas to weaken the Slavic economy.

suppose that when Russian-Ukrainian wheat is scarce and there is little bread, thanks to the conflict, Borrell will tell the people, like Marie Antoinette, to eat brioches.


Proof of how much cynicism, son of pride, destroys intelligence. We are on the verge of the end of the world and a high placed and seasoned European leader only thinks of proposing to the people that they be cold so that the U.S. industrial-military complex sells its weapons in the heat of the Ukrainian conflict, hours before or after the brigand Victoria Nuland,

Undersecretary of State, another stupid, declared in the Senate that there were indeed U.S. biological weapons laboratories in Ukraine and that her only concern is not that these weapons are illegal and violate human rights, but that these laboratories might fall into russians hands. Keep eating brioches!

It is the same ideological root that governs the mind of the western leadership of these hours that could be the last of Homo sapiens on Earth. The same one that prevailed during the fin de régime in the France of Marie Antoinette. Borrell is the kind of person who demanded to save his dog while the Titanic sank.

There are people like that and they’re dangerous. They may prefer to end the world rather than give up their fancies. They are capable of humiliating themselves before Nicolás Maduro in order to buy Venezuelan oil to save their economy, they are so ignorant that they do not realize that in this way they are not ruining Russia but their own economy. Europe is already screaming under electricity rates. Candles, suggests Borrell.

Ideology, said my teacher Eliseo Verón, is not only a set of ideas but the way of producing them, the computer program, not the input or the output but the software that is between them. Well, these people who are leading the West do not understand anything.

They cling to the communicational detritus of the day, which has even been imposed on intellectual media such as The New Yorker or Le Monde. The most infamous thing is that they don’t understand it.

Or something worse: they do not care that you think they’re what they are. Because it is obvious that these people do not have even a squirt of shame left. People without self-esteem like Borrell are a danger because they can destroy the world for a little whim. It is not possible to insult these people because they have no honor.

Normally it would be advisable to get away from them but that’s impossible because we have them on our backs destroying our minds, making us believe that a video game is an act of warlike heroism by the chimerical “Ghost of Kiev”. Or that Russian cats are dangerous because who knows what bad tricks Putin taught them. Or that all Russian vodka must be disposed of through the pipeline. Into that abyss of ridicule they threw us.

And it is dishonorable to have to argue in that pigsty because even as jokes they are bad. Perhaps, and that is our last hope, there will be a lucid mind that will reveal to that leadership that a nuclear immolation is not convenient for them because they have more to lose than those poor people to whom Borrell recommends being cold and eating brioches.

I don’t think that that lucid mind is that of Musk, Bezos or Zuckerberg. In the past the socialites were Peggy Guggenheim. Now they are Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, who believes that French is spoken throughout Europe and therefore she does not know where the hotel that bears her name and her family’s surname is. She doesn’t care anyway. In the past the British Prime Minister was Winston Churchill. Now it’s Boris Johnson. There was a De Gaulle where there is now a Macron.

It’s a horror movie. Did you see Don’t Look Up?

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